The words so jumbled, the thoughts intricate.
It hit so hard, it was tough to resuscitate.
No room for the jealousy, no strength for the fight.
I held the stronger me and moved out of sight.

The pang of emotions hit the cluster of bizzare
and serpentine feelings, hallucinating the desire.
Hastily running away from the wily emotions
I fell a hundred times and got stabbed a hundred times.

Dragged by destiny when I reached the shore alive,
I misunderstood the whole story for my hunger to thrive.
I thought I was the Hero and knew the Game of Life
For I didn’t see beyond, the portrayed paradise.

The grown up me laughed at it mockingly and I,
I celebrated my victory. No sooner did I sigh
than I heard the echo challenging me in
it’s very familiar voice, that came in disguise.

The same old eyes glittered with sage and satire.
I glared at it blankly and at its mystique attire.
I held its hand with caution and hugged the braver me.
‘Coz I knew the stab was hidden and this time I was aware.

I exchanged a look with destiny and with life I exchanged smiles.
Ignoring the fetters of emotions, I walked a million miles.


Pragya Prasoon


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