And she walked away..

She stood there frozen while the world around her changed. Giving up on some dreams and weaving a few new ones she kept on staring at the distant star wondering how it glittered beautifully while burning from within. Pain indeed shapes us beautifully, carving all the grooves of understanding, sympathy and forgiveness. Wrapping herself in the tattered robe of broken dreams she stood at the sea shore, fixing her gaze at the horizon where the sun was setting. Goodbye was difficult but it was necessary for the sun to rise again in some other part of the world which awaited its presence. She too had the faint but cozy light coming from the window of the small house to go back to. There waited the beautiful of all the human inventions, family. There waited the cute and hungry pets who needed love more than food. The rabbits, the birds, the fishes and the plants which she had to water.

The human world called her and her nomadic heart decided to come back. She agreed to tie her free soul to the strong string because she knew that she wasn’t strong enough a kite to fly high alone. She looked away from the sun and walked back elegantly humming a song to deafen her ears in order to not listen to the echo she had left behind.

Pragya Prasoon


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