IMG_20170605_185645Ever been misunderstood? I bet you have. Did it hurt? I bet it did. But did misunderstanding someone else ever hurt you?

A few days ago I was going to my office in a bus as usual. The bus was waiting for the lights to be green at a signal. Suddenly there came a lady near my window and started thrusting a rod like object in my window. Thankfully the glass window was closed. I got really scared, moved a bit away and avoided looking towards her. She kept on repeating her activity and her frequency and vehemence increased. I, frightened and horror-struck, didn’t even move a muscle then, not even to see her. I tried to remain composed and show that she was not successful at frightening me neither could she bother me.

Sooner she walked away and I looked her way. She was wearing filthy clothes, her hair was undone and messy. But what I saw later took me aback. She was carrying lots of long use-and-throw pens. It was the pen she was pricking at my window. She was trying to sell them. She wasn’t a beggar nor was she a mad woman trying to frighten me. She was a hungry and poor lady who needed money urgently but didn’t chose to beg. My be she was dumb and couldn’t speak so she chose to knock at my window with the pen. It ached when I thought so.

I had misunderstood her… and regret took over. I wanted to call her and buy a pen but as soon as I collected myself the lights went green and my bus moved on.

My voluntary ignorance while she tried hard to catch my attention would have hurt her so much. She wanted to tell me something and I, more concerned about my own safety, didn’t even listen to her. I hurt her and she probably had no one even to share that pain of being misunderstood. I felt like a criminal. I remembered all the moments in my life when I had been misunderstood by others and how I always had someone to share and some shoulder to cry on to. But she didn’t. Probably she didn’t have enough luxury to share. Probably for her getting a few penny was all that mattered more to feed her hungry child lying in filthy clothes somewhere down the road.

At times getting hurt by emotions is a luxury not everyone gets to feel because there are things beyond and more agonizing than that. Well I do not generally blog real life events. But it has been around two weeks since this incident happened and I cannot get her out of my head. Everyday my bus crosses the signal, my eyes start searching for her involuntarily. She took a part of me with her and gave me loads of regret, the regret of misunderstanding her, while she faded away misunderstood.

Pragya Prasoon


2 thoughts on “Misunderstood..

  1. Not every one thinks this much. Happy to see you realize things. Very well presented Ms. Prasoon. Hope you ll add more to the blog repository..

    Well done.:)


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