MadKam… Pagalpanti Parothas!!!


They dared to start a new venture. They dared to dream. They found out their unique passion which very less can do. They are the Pioneers. They are the Dare-Dreamers. Abhishek, Anshul and Ashish, three boys came together holding the string of their common passion and created a Wonderland of their own for every food lover to drool and be lost in the melting cubes of butter and the crunchy crumbs of chicken. Taste that would make you feel nostalgic and would also create a moment you would feel nostalgic about even after years, is what they serve.


The “Love Combo” is perfect for all the guys out there to impress their dolls with the chocolate paratha and is equally good for the couples deeply and madly in love to share their love-filled and chocolate-stuffed paratha. Whereas the “Breakup Combo” is for all the “khulle sands” to “toot paro” on the Chicken paratha. For kids they have sweet sugary parathas. Oh my god! Really! no word for their creativity and imagination. Whosoever you are they have something really special for you in their basket. Go find yourself and be lost in the flavours. All the food lovers out there! if you are in Hyderabad do give it a try because it’s really worth it.


So proud I feel to call them my friends and so glorious the moment will be when I will see the hoardings of MadKam in various cities across of the globe. Wishing them all the flavours and aroma of success garnished with lots of fame and goodness to savour.


Thanks for the proud moment and the delicious food!

Pragya Prasoon


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