How did I die..

IMG_20170405_212852.jpgShe saw the cluster of those tall residential apartments in the distance. There was dark lowland behind that cluster of glittering window panes appearing as stars or shining dots. She had seen those buildings earlier, the exact same cluster, the exact same lowland behind them. Suddenly a very strong overwhelming emotion filled her eyes and made her lips shiver. It was not just deja vu, it was beyond that. The thought that had made her situation go bizzare came out of nowhere and it appeared as a clear recollection of memory that she had jumped off one of those windows of one of those tall buildings and died in her previous life. It appeared so true to her that her soul started forcing her mind to remember more, to know more.

By then her cab had come far away from those buildings but the thoughts didn’t leave her. She couldn’t find the answers to her questions. The first and the foremost question being why she felt what she felt and why was it such an overwhelming and strong feeling? She kept on shivering and crying uncontrollably for quite sometime and then it became a faint idea which she tagged as a wild thought and kept aside.

But today also those buildings make her feel a strange sensation. They give her a hazy memory of her gloomy previous life. She was not happy probably in her previous life. She starts trying to recall what she went through, why she killed herself and all those hidden shades of her dark previous life.

Is there really a thing called previous life? If yes then do we retain some memories of it. Do we carry them in some hidden, complex and yet undiscovered part of our soul and they get hit when we see something similar in this life? Is soul really an entity just like our brain and heart. Is it that we couldn’t find this very entity because it is invisible and we have not done much research on it. When time can be another dimension why not soul be another real non tangible but existent entity largely responsible for the highly complex phenomenon called life. Well some questions cannot be answered with proof but evidence can be seen and deja vu must have originated from somewhere. It might have its origin rooted in reality that we can’t see but indeed feel.

Ever thought how you died in your previous life? Was it an accident, a disease, suiside or a murder? How did your soul feel while leaving your body? Did you see the very famous bright white light coming from heaven when you were dying? Well even patients in comma claim to have seen it. I agree you are a rational and 21st century person but you never know when deja-vu hits you and forces you to go beyond google in search of your answers.


Pragya Prasoon


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