Painting the past with the shades of pink…


Nostalgia and its vague but unruly presence seldom let us have control over our emotions.

Oh! Those good old days.

Romantic wind and the walks,

Paths covered with glittering flowers

Chirruping birds and the love-talks.

We have this inbuilt tendency to connect our nostalgic thoughts with a sense of positivity and loss. We do paint all our past with the shades of beauty and perfection, which indeed is very unreal and biased.

We face all the sorrows and struggle and never fail to criticize the present but as soon as we step out of the moment we start thinking of it as a really ‘good-old-time’. It’s not rational neither is it true, nor are we faking the pleasure to someone else, we are doing it all to ourselves, but the reason is unknown to us.

Is it the the pleasure of mourning over the past or is it just easy to divert all the gloom of our lives into one direction, i.e, being sad over the lost things. Is it just the naming convention we chose to tag all our sorrows? Putting all the piles of sadness into a bag and calling it the ‘good-old-lost-era’ so that nobody tries to give us any solution to our problems (as in no case we can go back to the past) and let us live with our sorrows.

Well it may also be running away from the haunting memories of a bad and dreadful past. Or may be it’s just that we have not learnt to criticize lost things, be it a human or a phase of life. It can also be our subconscious mind that’s always comparing things and jumping out at a conclusion that the past was better just because the present is always hard to deal with.

Well memories contain the good and the bad times. They are to learn, cherish and proceed ahead in life rather than fantasizing about the self assumed glorious past. Our feelings are deep, we feel only the shallow layers. Dig a little deep and yeah, this time you feel nostalgic just be a little rational đŸ˜‰ .

Pragya Prasoon


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