And I left the book half read..

I don’t really know if it happens only to me but a half read novel or a movie half seen creates a greater impact than the one I complete reading or watching. I happened to be really inspired by one of the films of which I particularly would not like to mention the name. Its beginning always stirred a sense of acquiantance with the aspirations and its challenges exhibited in the film and as the story proceeded a pulse of inspiration ran through my veins but somehow the end seemed to soothe my pulse resulting in apparently no change in my efforts to turn my aspirations into reality.

Getting lost in a story leaving all the strings of our emotions in the hands of the puppet master is what we all do knowingly or otherwise. We become the character we see and when the character achieves something, our hunger for achievement gets satisfied. And satisfaction is the biggest threat to succes. Satisfaction is like a sedative making us fall asleep relieving all our pain, anxiety and excitement.

That is why recently while I was reading one inspirational book, I left it half read to maintain my inspired pulse at its peak till I satisfy myself. After that will surely come back to compete the half read one.

Pragya Prasoon



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