The Missing Pleasure..

Of all the things that exist, ‘Missing’ is apparently the one ‘Present’ in everybody’s life. All the happy faces spreading joy and laughter have their share of missing elements in their lives. But then that is what life is, the constant effort of bridging the gap between what we have and what we don’t.

Another ironical fact is that however hard we try there will always be some or the other thing missing.Even the moon misses the sun and the dawn misses dusk. Days pass by as they try to reach out to one another as the mother spends her days waiting for her child to come back home. However it’s harder for a few things to ever come together and they miss each other till the time called forever like the rage misses sensibility, jealousy misses appreciation and presumptions misses the reality. Ever wondered how life would have been if these missing pleasures had not been there? Well then only one thing would have been missing probably, the things called life.
It’s indeed difficult to bear the lack of existence of something we really crave for. But then craving comes by absence itself. They correctly say- ‘One can never get everything.’



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