Abandoned yet beautiful..


Come to the time called ‘Now’ and you can write like never before.

The air is full of stories, every passer by is a story personified. Look at the strange face walking through the crowd, he may be a stranger and may not be one. It’s fun in both the cases because no matter who he is, he is a story for sure and if not even a story then a stanza for sure.
Look at the lady in the bar she may be the one with the purest of the hearts. Look at the one in veil and you never know. Look at the one with the sad eyes, she may be abandoned yet beautiful just like the boat I found near the pond. It was an abandoned boat indeed but it caught my attention because it had a story like every abandoned thing in the world.
Go observe the party animals when they’re not partying, when they’re alone in a room with nobody at all. Go watch the ‘happy couples’ if they really are happy and go talk to the separated ones if they aren’t in love any more.  Try to understand the love shared by those who fight everyday but are not able to be separated. Try to understand the immense pain of a father who has lost his son, put yourself in the shoes of a mother who is expecting one. There are innumerous roles to play and as I always say- ‘one life is just not enough’ to get to know about all the roles we get and don’t get to play. Go and do some People Spotting, it’s pretty much a thing. Open up your senses and feel the stories around you.

Pragya Prasoon


4 thoughts on “Abandoned yet beautiful..

  1. People r masked.. Infact evrything around us has got some coating over it and finding out its real story wil b a tough yet an interesting task. U never know whose story can amuze yu or can make Yu weep. Behind evry masked person I guess there is a story for putting dat mask n world around u majorly weave it.


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