Frustrated (Rap)..


We all feel frustrated at some or the other point of time. And as I always say, it’s okay to feel bad, irritated and even sad. All these are human emotions and are meant for us to experience. The only thing we can do is let the moment pass and be still till nature fixes us. Meanwhile we can of course try our best to atleast put our feelings into words. Trust me! it helps.
So here I’ve just tried to pen down my feelings when I have a vague sens of frustration driving the delicate buds of bliss and hope out of my life’s garden.
Disclaimer: It’s pretty much candid!

I’m bored and Pissed off..
of all the things I do.
Also not interested
in trying anything new.

I’m tired of being polite
Neither I wanna fight.
For a change I just don’t care
“They’ll judge” that doesn’t scare.

No fever for a movie
Neither a pile to read.
No blogging for a change
For fun I’ve lost the greed.

Wanna roam around the world
With raw and messy hair,
Without a smile on the face
and with a stern glare.

Tired of wearing a smile
And of being hyperactive.
Lazy I wanna be,
Crazy I wanna be.

Keep no room for explanation
as I am in no mood.
If you really need justification
Create on your own, dude!


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