Drawing up my Subconscious Mind..


Snake n Bird Tattoo representing the deadly combination of beauty, freedom and danger. I put the pen on the paper with exactly nothing in my mind and this was something that I ended up drawing. As it was without any planning I can assure you it came straight from my heart or rather I should say it came straight from my mind, the subconscious one, to be very specific.

They say our mind is divided into two parts – conscious and subconscious. The subconscious mind has a great impact on our conscious mind and whatever we do is decided by our conscious mind but the decision is ‘affected greatly’ by the subconscious one. And as I was not thinking explicitly using my conscious mind while drawing the above sketch, whatever I drew came from my subconscious mind. So later I stirred my subconscious mind to figure out what actually made me draw this unique sketch and realized that it was just a pictorial representation of my subconscious feelings at that point of time.

It had the thoughts of ‘beauty’, ‘freedom’ and ‘danger’. Exactly what many of the women want to have, the ‘beauty’ to cherish, ‘freedom’ to live their lives the way they want to and ‘danger’ for self defence i.e, to protect themselves from the evil.

Well you too take a pen and a paper and start drawing . Later you can figure out what you have in your ‘subconscious stock’. Don’t forget to ‘Not to Think’ while drawing.  😉


One thought on “Drawing up my Subconscious Mind..

  1. It seems, you started at drawing bird eye, bird head, snake and feathers at bird neck, which means started with good(part of bird) middle with evil(snake part) and end with good or happy (feathers of neck), which was your mood at that time, which is like a movie or life( Colourful Childhood, Confusing 25 Age and Always Happy end). —-Assumptions are taken :).


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