When every damn thing turns you down.. (rap)

When every damn thing turns you down.
When all you can do is frown and frown.
Just stop counting what has set you low.
What all good you have no one needs to know.

Not every damn day can bring all the joy.
Sometimes life wants you to be a sad n cryin’ toy.
Screw all of the fools who try hard to mock you.
They’ve really got no damn sexy work to do.

You are no superhero neither are they.
It’s just that it was kinda not your day.
Stop tryin’ in vain to make everything fine.
Who in the world has always been on cloud nine.

It’s just a piece of crap you’re tryin’ to preserve.
Ignorance is all, trust me, all they deserve.
Not all the creepy jokes you need to understand.
No need to rock always you are not a rock band.

You’ve got all the rights to make a mistake.
A perfect life is always either false or fake.
It’s ok to let things go and move ahead.
You’ll grow into a corpse if you dig things which’re dead.

Act foolish and stupid be the silly li’l queen
as the highbrow facing you is no Einstein.
Let the eyes follow you while you walk around.
You’re a carefree soul and you have no bound.

Pragya Prasoon


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