An Open Letter to All the Men

screenshot_2016-09-24-13-01-34-767Don’t make way for me if you would not have done this for a man.
Don’t make way for me if you are doing it for I am a woman.
Dear Men
Thanks a lot for being nice, protective and gentle to all the women in the world including me. But let me draw your attention to something I don’t really like. I do like it when you treat me equally , I do like it when you respect me and my opinions but let me introduce you to the real meaning of equality.
Gender equality is not something to be misunderstood and misused as a new kind of discrimination the other way round.

Yes you got me right, treating women equally should not be taken as placing women on a superficial and unreal extra prestigious position rather it should be treating all the genders equally. It should not be the women or the man or the transgender on the top rather it should be the individual at the top irrespective of their gender.
Well so often I come across situations where men try to treat me as someone who is delicate as I am a woman and try to help me and name it as gender equality. Well to all those men I just want to say that I thank you all for your being so thoughtful but am sorry I don’t really need to be treated like that and for God’s sake don’t call it as gender equality. As when you make way for me while I am walking on the road just because I am a woman I don’t really like it. Your eyes say it all and it makes me feel discriminated there itself. There itself I get a hint that this “making way for me” will soon be replaced with you imposing your opinion and decisions on me as the reason for both the activities is you finding me unequal and incapable.

So please stop this new form of discrimination and treat me as an Individual. Make way for me if you would have done that for a man or a transgender too. Make way for me if you would have done that for an Individual.
A Woman


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