No screen needed..

IMG_20160626_141942After nine continuous hours of staring at the computer screen and a few more couple of hours fixing my gaze at my mobile phone, I often feel like going back to the 70s and 80s when people used to look at the world directly without any screen acting as the interface between them and the world.

Well more than half of the things in my life I have seen either through the glass screen of my phone or the monitor of my computer and the rest through  the camera lens. I admit the fact that had these glasses not been there in my life I would not have seen so many things. But how much correct is it to ignore those real purple flowers in the trees which we come across while travelling by the car or by the bus and stare at the one which is there in our phones?

When we look at its image in the phone only one of our senses is actually feeling it. Yes you got me right I am talking about our eyes. But what about our nose, our skin and the greatest of all the senses- our soul? You all might have felt the difference between looking at the image of a beautiful scenery and actually being there. But have you ever wondered why? Well the answer to this question is – “The more number of our senses we involve, the more we feel. “

When we look at the screen we are only seeing those trees bearing the beautiful  purple flowers but when we actually walk down that road where they are present, our eyes see them in three dimension which involves more neurons of our brain, our skin feels the cool breeze, our ears hear the musical sound of their leaves and flowers dancing and above all our soul feels their presence which is divine.

So for the sake of your senses and also for your own sake break all the glasses and go explore the world beyond them.

Pragya Prasoon.    No Screen Needed..


3 thoughts on “No screen needed..

  1. awesome.. you know what’s the best thing about the way you write? Its the way you connect with the simplest examples from the ordinary routine. Something that I find really difficult to do.


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