Look Up… you may find it..

IMG_20160709_020518The real meaning and the literal translation of the phrase ‘look up’ is totally apt. Earlier whenever scientists or intellectuals wanted to look up for some wisdom or for the answers to their questions, they used to look up at the sky to find out the answers. But in today’s era, Internet should be accepted as a synonym of Look Up. Today whatever we want to look up,  we search it out on the incredible thing called Internet. We no longer need to look things up even in the books anymore.

Working as a Software Associate I feel so obsessed with the computer that I often miss the thing called ‘Ctrl+F’ while looking for a dress in my wardrobe. Really, it is hard to realise how much technology has changed our lives and ourselves.  Looking the old lost friends up on the social networking sites has become so easy that the fear of losing contact with anyone has almost vanished. Well I must say internet has made the things ‘looking up’.

However the sky is still there to teach us the real wisdom and peace only if we can look up.

Pragya Prasoon Look up… you may find it


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