Good begun is half done

Good begun is half done. But what about the another half?
As part of making the work of cleaning staff easier, the management of our office has come up with an innovative change which asks us to segregate plates and spoons and bowls after eating and keep them in their respective bins. I had taken a meal in which they gave about five to six small bowls for curd, sweets, salad etc. When it was my turn to segregate and keep the utensils used by me, I put two of the bowls in the bowl bin and the spoon in the spoon bin and left the rest of the bowls for the cleaning staff to segregate.
It cought my own attention and reminded me of my other activities like leaving a few questions unsolved while studying or washing only a few clothes at a time, leaving the rest. I realised that I have this habit of not completing any task. I realised that I have always left a small part of the work incomplete. But why did I always do that?
Well it probably makes me feel that I have all the energy intact even after doing something. It makes me feel that I have not become tired. And for not becoming tired I leave some or the other thing undone.
Well as a mater of fact, many of us have this habit of not completing the tasks that we take up. And this is something which keeps us from succeeding.
People who are successful always complete their tasks.

If two person participates in a drawing contest and both of them draws the outline beautifully, the one who colours it well and gives it the finishing touch always wins. And so is the case in life.

Success is defined by how beautifully we end the task that we take up. Even if its good begun, don’t forget its still half done.

Pragya Prasoon


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