Noisy silence..

1459540111213307455738Silence.. What comes to your mind when you first encounter this word? A positive feeling or a frightening one? Does it  sound to you as peace and tranquility wrapped in calmness? Or it makes you imagine yourself sitting alone in an unknown and dismal island?

When I think of silence in a crowded and noisy place, it gives me a soothing feeling. Whereas sitting on my bed next to the window, looking at the empty park, silence seem to me as the demon who swallowed the small kids and made the park vacant.

Silence on the face of a strict professor can act as a deterrent, whereas on the face of a monk it can make you unable to refrain from getting connected to his soul.

But the thing is, how can silence be so multifaceted? Well the answer to this question may leave you astounded.

Its not the silence which is so multifaceted, rather its us. Silence infact resembles three of the purest things in the world,  they are, water, air and mirror.

Our heat is the object and silence is the mirror. It is not the silence which makes us sad rather its we who make the silence appear gloomy. Also its we who make the silence appear serene. Silence is so vulnerable that we hardly know how it appears in it’s purest form. It’s original state is as unknown as the shape of water. And it gets contaminated as easily as pure air does.

Silence can be the dark night filled with mourning sounds and it can be the white morning blessed with heavenly chants.

Pragya Prasoon



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