The “gap” called “Life…

There comes a point in our lives when we stop calculating our age. Somehow we create an illusion that if we will stop calculating our age we will stop growing old. However this does not really stop the fine lines of ageing to spread across our face and the fine granules of time to slip from our fist . Our own fear and sense of being left behind in the never ending race of life gives our inventive mind a reason to explicitly pause the fast moving life, only in our imagination of course, and run swiftly to win the worthy game of it.

In the rush of moving faster than time and being larger than the immensely mighty life we often forget the momentary beauty that is encapsulated in those small moments which we stamp  by our feet while running the marathon of life.
I was proud to be overambitious and often showed off for being so. One day I met an old man in a park. He was spending his time  watching the birds sing and the children play. I was waiting for a friend and was reading news in my phone. He looked at me and asked how old was I. I was 23 but felt great shame in accepting as I had a few plans to accomplish and a few goals to achieve by the age of 23 which I had not yet achieved and so wanted to be 22 for one more year or till the time I could achieve my goals. He noticed the regret in my eyes and suggested to run a bit slow else l would miss so much in life. He said “Life is the gap between what we are and what we want to be. When we fill this gap, there ends life”. I didn’t really trust him until I came to know one day, that he was a great businessman who earned a lot at a very young age and was once the richest man of the city. I was left astounded and his words echoed in my ears. He had embellished his life with all the luxury and wealth. He might have been very ambitious too. I couldn’t understand why he suggested me to run slow. I eventually realised that he had everything but lacked the thing that was yet to be achieved. And so he had filled the “gap” called “life”.

Pragya Prasoon


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