And Life Whispered

Sitting on the window seat of a public bus, trying to fix my gaze on the evanescent view, all of a sudden I realised that I liked travelling. My inner soul  yelled in disaccord with the conclusion my mind had just made, as I had always thought that I hated travelling and what had always soothed me was being at the same place and follow the same set of scheduled task, though not at all in a scheduled manner. What I had always feared of was doing something new and what I had hated was travelling.

I was travelling with two of my friends but they sat in the men’s compartment so I was basically sitting alone. Sometimes it is nice to travel with people who prefer to keep quiet throughout the journey, as you get to know more about yourself looking at the evanescent trees and people. Apart from this, conversations often complicate things and words are not always the best form of expressing emotions and thoughts.

I saw the people, returning home from work. I saw the sun setting and its colour turning to orange and then to red. I felt the wind on my face. It brushed my cheeks and hair. I felt the sunlight, touching my face tenderly. It gave me a warm feeling, a feeling of life, a feeling of existence.

Working in big corporate firms and living a monotonous life in the indifferent society we often forget the fathomless things kept in the golden box of life. We forget the pleasure of being in a tranquil forest listening to the chirruping of birds, the pleasure of being in old forts trying to imagine its glory in the era it had its King and Queens alive, trying to fantasize the dark untold tales of internal politics within the fort, the unexpressed sufferings of the queen and the clandestine deeds of the rivals in disguise, the pleasure of painting a canvas with random colours and free strokes, the pleasure of listening to a beautiful song on a long drive with people you love. We forget that life gives us countless moments to smile, enjoy, explore and love. We often get bored by our monotonous life and get stuck in our limited problems and feel like ending our lives because of those. But there is so much to explore, so much to see, so much to experience and so much to live that one life is just not enough. Even if we spend all our life exploring the natural beauty of the world and experiencing the beautiful moments of life, we won’t be able to feel all the pleasures of life. Just imagine how much we waste from what less we have already got, mourning about the illusionary and non existing human made problems and complications.


Pragya Prasoon



8 thoughts on “And Life Whispered

  1. Hey Pragya. Your Writing is beautiful. The real value of life is sometimes known in simple things. Imagination is a powerful tool. Keep writing and i will keep reading. 🙂

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  2. I usually travel 344km on weekends in bus, preferably sits at window. But I sleep and get horror, adventurous and thriller dreams, in which “bus is going through a bridge, constructed at 1km height, where visual effects are larger than Baahubali” or “I take a wrong bus, which is going long distance” or “Bus changed its route in traveling going some other world”, which gives greater experiences than VR Movies, 3D movies, where I am unable to perform anything, even unable to shake my finger, which is due to sleep paralysis. Besides I am missing this much nature beauty. I will enjoy this nature instead thriller and horror dreams in my next travel, for sure 🙂 :).


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